Today we went on a tour to the Hanson quarry in Kulnura which was open as part of the Harvest Festival on the Central Coast. The kids loved it!!

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After a long time with no website and after settling in to our new home, I have recently had the time to start setting it back up.

I've still got the domain as I still receive a lot of email via that domain, but I'll mainly concentrate on hosting under the domain, and just redirect from

A lot has changed in CMS's since I originally setup my old website. It was based on Joomla as well, with the Menalto Gallery integrated in to Joomla. Before I shutdown my servers I was working on an upgrade to Gallery3 but I never got around to it.

So I had a look at Drupal again, and I've been around a few Wordpress sites lately via work. Drupal looks good and I set it up on my server to try it out again which was fairly easy. But I want something I can easily get a canned template/theme for and I didn't like what I could find out there for Drupal.

I've settled on Joomla again this time of the 3.x.x variety. Still looking for some form of Gallery replacement. I've installed Piwigo to have a look at it as well.

There doesn't appear to be the requirement for website gallery software these days with so many hosted options like Flickr or just sharing photos on Facebook, but I have decided not to post as much on Facebook these days, and would prefer to keep my images on my own server.

I plan on using this site to share photos and and projects I'm working on that someone else might find interesting.

One of the projects I want to start next is a Weather Station. Where we live in the Yarramalong Valley the closest weather stations are either closer to the coast or up the mountain around Kulnura. I'd like to be able to see the local rainfall (especially now we only have rain water and no town water supply), and to see and record the temperature. I plan on integrating the data from the weather station on to this site so I can easily see the details.


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